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LAN Cable Tester SY-L7142
  • Correctly and quickly to read the testing cable configuration.
  • Test cable: RJ45 (UTP/STP), USB, RJ11/RJ12, BNC, COAXIAL, RCA and modular cables.
  • Following standards: EIA/TIA 568A/568B, AT&T 285A, ISDN, 10 BASE-T, 100 BASE-TX, Token Ring, etc.
  • Operation with AUTO scan or step by step (TEST) mode.
  • Accessories: RJ45 (M/M) cable x 1, RJ45-BN (F) adapter cable x 2, BNC (MM) adapter x 1, RJ45-RJ11/RJ12 adapter x 2 and leather pouch x 1.
  • Select accessories:
    (1) RJ45-COAXIAL (F) adapter cable x 2, COAXIAL (M/M) adapter x 1
    (2) RJ45-RCA (F) adapter cable x 2